TalkTools Honey Bear

The TalkTools Honey Bear is probably our favorite way to teach straw drinking to the little ones around our clinic.  Straw drinking can be started as earlier as 6 months of age if your child is ready developmentally. Please check with your child’s therapist to be sure. Here are a few benefits of straw drinking:
  • Helps the child progress from an infant swallow pattern (suckle-swallow) to a more mature swallow pattern (the tongue tip rises to the roof of the mouth, behind the top teeth, to begin a wave-like pattern for swallowing).
  • Decreases forward resting posture of the tongue that can lead to later speech and feeding problems.
  • Encourages optimal facial development by decreasing forward resting posture of the tongue. When the tongue is in a forward resting posture, mouth breathing is typically observed. This leads to a lower jaw and can even narrow the face and nasal cavity.Want to know more? Just ask us!
The TalkTools Honey Bear either with or without handles can be purchased in our Therapy Shop here: Honey Bear without handles or Honey Bear with handles. We also typically have Honey Bears in the clinics for purchase.

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