Pretend play is always fun but it is extra fun when you can be a dinosaur or a monster (or any other animal you can dream up) stomping down the hallway. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Practice different animal sounds as your child stomps around the room. You can also have your child walk over to pictures of words that contain their target sounds. Action words can even be targeted (walk, stomp, jump, etc.) while move at different speeds (fast/slow) and in different directions (forward/backward/sideways). Following directions can be practiced using the game ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: Set up an obstacle course and have your child work on their visual motor skills while wearing the stilts by having to navigate around objects. They also work on their grasp strength by having to hold the stilts on their feet.

Sensory: Proprioceptive awareness is targeted while your child is walking around on stilts. This helps them to better know where their body is in space.

Gross Motor: Stilts help your child practice their balance. They also work on coordination and trunk strengthening.

Stilts can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Stilts.

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