Squigz are a fan favorite with all of our therapies here! They are recommended for ages 3 & up and target so many developmental areas. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Let your child’s imagination run wild as they practice their target speech sounds while earning Squigz. They can also make silly sounds while hearing the Squigz pop! To work on their language skills, you can have them place the Squigz in different places using spatial concepts, such as in/on/under as well as identifying and naming colors. Turn-taking can also be practiced as you each take turns building with Squigz.

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: This toy kind of speaks for itself when it comes to developing fine motor skills – hand strengthening while pulling Squigz off of a window/mirror; grasping to either place them together or on a surface; using both hands to build; and reaching across midline to grab a Squigz.

Sensory: Squigz are easy to clean so they can be used in just about any sensory experience that you can think of. One of the easiest ones to work into your everyday life is using them in the bathtub.

Gross Motor: Squigz can be placed slightly out of reach on a window, door, or even mirror so that your child can work on reaching. They can also be stuck to the floor so that your child works on bending/squatting to pull them off the floor. They can also be used to work on posture and sitting while playing with them on a surface that they stick to.

Squigz can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Squigz.

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