Let’s talk about another really amazing imaginative play toy! The Fisher-Price Tea Set by children of all ages at the clinic. It is recommended for ages 18 months and older. The tea pot in this set makes fun pouring noise when it is tilted and that is something we have seen our kids want to hear and elicit over and over again. The set comes with a tea pot, 2 cups, a tray (that is actually a puzzle), and treats in various shapes. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Practice simple words and phrases, such as ‘more’, ‘tea please’, ‘thank you’, ‘eat’, ‘drink’ (as well as teaching basic manners). You can also pretend that the tea is ‘hot’ and blow on it to cool it off. Social conversation and chat can be practiced as well as you sit down (or stand up if that is your child’s thing) to have your tea party. Be sure to simple small talk, like “How are you?”, “Did you have a good day?”, “These treats are yummy!”. The possibilities are truly endless from a speech and language perspective.

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: Set up an obstacle course and have your child work on their visual motor skills while gathering the items needed for their tea party. They can also work on their grasp strength and hand/finger manipulation by putting the puzzle pieces into the appropriate slot on the tray. They can even practice tilting the tea pot to pour the tea.

Sensory: Have your child wash the dishes. You can vary the activity by using warm water, cold water, plain water, or soapy water. Just make sure that the pieces with batteries don’t go in the water!

Gross Motor: Have your child walk, crawl, jump, or any type of animal walk to serve tea and treats to family members or stuffed animals. The pieces of the tea set can also be hidden around the room and the child plays ‘hide-and-seek’ to find them.

The Fisher Price Tea Set can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set.

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